The Armory for the Arts Theater


The mission of the Armory for the Arts Theatre is to provide the community with an affordable performing arts facility and to create a center for collaboration.



Dear Artist/Producer:  All of us at Santa Fe Performing Arts (SFPA) would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to The Armory of The Arts Theatre. To help make your production as successful as possible, please review the following information regarding the terms and conditions for rental of the theatre as well as the equipment and services provided by the facility.


Rental Fees & Schedules:

a. Charges: Rental fees are based upon the individual arts organizations' annual operating budget. Fees range from $425 to $700 per performance and from $200 to $350 per technical/rehearsal day. A financial statement is required in order to determine an organizations' fee structure.

b. A payment schedule will be set forth with final payments due on the first day of the month of your performance, but not less than one week prior to load-in. (Failure to make scheduled payments may result in loss of reserved dates.)

c. A Security Deposit, in the amount of $300 plus 1/3 of rental fee, will be required upon signing of the contract. This deposit will reserve the theatre on the date requested as well as cover any damages and cleaning fees incurred by the Artist/Producer. In the event of cancellation, the security deposit ($300), plus 1/3 of the rental fee will non-refundable.

d. General Liability Insurance: Every Artist/Producer is responsible for providing a minimum of $1 million worth of liability insurance. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance will be required upon signing of the contract.


Personnel: In order to safeguard the equipment and the facility, SFPA requires that a representative of SFPA remain in the theatre at all times at a charge to the Artist/Producer of $20.00 per hour. This fee is payable to SFPA and is due no later than two weeks after the final performance. A 10% per day late fee will be charged for everyday past the two week period. All technicians brought into the theatre by Artist/Producer must meet both Santa Fe Performing Arts' and the State of New Mexico's approval.  In order to provide continuity and security to an event, the Artist/Producer will be required to provide personnel approved by SFPA as House Manager. A Box Office Manager must also be provided by the Artist/Producer. These positions are independently contracted with and paid for by the rentor, and are not included in the rental fee. SFPA's Technical Director will inform house manager of specific duties.



a. Lobby: The 2,842 square foot lobby was completed in April 1995. It conforms with requirements of the federal "Americans With Disabilities Act," and includes a box office, concession area, and restrooms. Phones located in the administrative offices are not available for Producer's use. Our lobby is part of the Bataan Memorial Museum and much care is taken to keep it in good condition. Any display or decoration of the lobby must be approved by SFPA prior to your use.

b. Auditorium & Stage: The auditorium/stage area is approximately 5,100 square feet. The house contains 300 upholstered seats and space for an additional 11 wheelchairs. The stage itself is 40' wide by 30' deep. (A graph of the stage and repertory lighting plot is available upon request.) Our loading dock is ramped to stage level and the roll up door is 12' X 8'. The stage grid is 18' over the stage. Our back wall is black with no Cyc. The wings are soft and hard legs covered in duvetyne and are standardly placed with exact dimensions available.

c. Equipment: A sound system consisting of speakers, Dual Cassette Deck, MD/CD player, and stage monitors are available for use by the Artist/Producer. A Digital Video Projector is available for use at a cost of $75 per day. The theatre maintains a lighting plot which may be used for all events unless otherwise contracted. No use of equipment, sets, costumes or wardrobe facilities, tools, tape, or expendables will be allowed. Artist/Producer may use gels in stock with prior authorization.

d. Dance Floor: The theatre maintains a Marley Dance Floor (Black/Gray) which is available to dance companies at a nominal fee of $50 per performance plus the cost of installation, removal and tape. No set pieces may be placed on top of dance floor. It must be swept and moped every day of the rental.

e. Dressing Rooms: The backstage area includes four dressing rooms with access to showers and ADA toilet facilities.

f. Box Office: A telephone voice mail number is available to all incoming Producers for ticket reservations on an ''as available" basis. The Artist/Producer is permitted to open the Box Office one hour prior to curtain.

g. House Comps: The theatre requests that each incoming Producer reserve at least three pairs of "house comps," to be used at SFPA's discretion, for each production. Any tickets not used by SFPA will be returned to Producer.  The basic information provided herein outlines our general fee structure as well as the availability of the services and equipment provided by the theatre. Please feel free to contact us at (505) 982-7992 if we can provide you with any further information.