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 The Santa Fe Performing Arts “Play It Forward Project” utilizes theatre as a force for social change and empowerment. These projects tell the stories of groups of people in our community faced with a common challenge with specific needs in this case the stories are those of youth living in foster care. It is critically important to give these young people a voice in the war of the unheard.

Children in foster care although faced with the specific challenge of being in foster care also encounter many of the issues we have worked on in past Play It Forward Projects such  as teen suicide prevention, LGBTQ issues, anti drug and gang programs and anti bullying programs. The Play It Forward Project’s process is simple. First we bring youth of a common challenge together and have them tell their stories. The stories are then woven together in a stage play format and produced for the public at the Armory for the Arts Theater in Santa Fe. The project is lead by theatre professionals in collaboration with participating agencies. We have been working with the Children, Youth and Families Department to identify participants and work with the department’s professional staff to help create the project. We have assembled a talented cast of actors to perform the play which encompasses the written word, music and aerial circus skills.

This project will give the youth living in foster care a platform so that their stories, their needs and their dreams can be heard and help to develop a greater awareness and understanding in our community of the challenges they face. It is also our hope that this project will give these children a sense of belonging with each other and to the community. Most of all we hope that our production of FOSTER will inspire and encourage caring, loving adults to foster a child.


Providing Theatrical Training and Variety to Our Community

Santa Fe Performing Arts (SFPA), devoted to educational and professional theatre in New Mexico, utilizing performing arts as a powerful tool for educating the youth in our community, developing a professional Adult Resident Company dedicated to innovation and excellence, and providing the community with a performing arts center that is affordable and fosters professionalism. Santa Fe Performing Arts school delivers comprehensive, educational, on-site and outreach programs for children and teens in all of the performing arts disciplines. The adult theatre program is a resident company committed to professional excellence with an emphasis on the development of new works. The performing arts center - the Armory For The Arts Theatre - provides the community with an affordable performing arts facility and collaboration center.



The mission of Santa Fe Performing Arts is to serve the community utilizing the performing arts as a tool for education, to address the issues of our time and place, to collaborate with other social service organizations, and to teach theatre to individuals of all ages, while maintaining a professional resident company committed to excellence, in a venue that welcomes innovation and variety. SFPA fosters a wide range of productions, from start to finish, with a constant eye on the needs and interests of the community.


 Blazing a path for educational and professional theatre in New Mexico, Santa Fe Performing Arts (SFPA) has been in operation since 1988. SFPA has made great strides over the years. In 1992, its educational programming was endorsed by the National Education Association of New Mexico, and in 1993 the organization received an award for Outstanding Contribution in the Arts and Humanities from the Santa Fe Community Foundation. Additionally, SFPA was awarded the lease to the Armory for the Arts Theatre Complex by the State of New Mexico in 1995. In 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Santa Fe Performing Arts was chosen the "Best of Santa Fe." by the Santa Fe Reporter. In 2012 SFPA was the repient of the Mayor's Award for Excellence in the Arts. These displays of support for SFPA's qualified staff and its Board of Directors further demonstrate the organization's commitment to its collaborative vision.




To better serve the diversity of our community, SFPA furthers its commitment to providing bilingual productions for the community at large. This program combines theatre education with bilingual performances by our adult and children's companies. The program provides access for our diverse community to theatre that is culturally relevant, yet still enjoyable to non-Spanish speakers. Bilingual productions preserve the beauty of the original language, foster intercultural understanding and improve the quality of life in our community.